Aug 28, 2022

Oxeye Now Integrates with Jira

Bridging the gap between security findings and developers has never been easier.

Ohad Rabinovich
VP Product

Bridging the gap between security findings and developers has never been easier.

Having created a unique solution for securing cloud-native applications, Oxeye introduces a new approach for application security. After a two-minute setup, Oxeye works in continuous mode and maps your entire cloud-native application and locates all your application layer weaknesses - custom code, third-party libraries, hard-coded secrets, and licensing issues. 

Combining all of these abilities, Oxeye presents a precise list of vulnerabilities to all stakeholders. As part of the shift-left movement, Oxeye runs in pre-production environments to reflect real issues in your application, this enables you to correct all the issues prior to go-live.

With its newly introduced integration, Oxeye enables users to create and save integrations to multiple Jira projects Oxeye-detected weaknesses can be opened as issues in Jira.

The Oxeye interface permits creation of an issue pertaining to a single vulnerability or multiple vulnerabilities. Users can edit issue text before ticket creation, and can change the default Project ID and Issue type on a per-integration basis.

When opened in Jira, an issue is linked with the Oxeye interface to reveal the related vulnerability (or vulnerabilities). After an issue is opened, Oxeye’s interface displays a link to the Jira ticket. A user can also filter the Oxeye-generated list to search for vulnerabilities with or without an open issue.

About Oxeye

Oxeye provides a cloud-native application security solution designed specifically for modern architectures. We enable you to quickly identify and resolve all application-layer risks as an integral part of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Our seamless, comprehensive, and effective solution ensures touchless assessment, focuses on exploitable risks, and provides actionable remediation guidance. Built for DevOps and AppSec teams, Oxeye helps shift security left while accelerating development cycles, reducing friction, and eliminating risks. Visit to learn more.