Jan 27, 2023

Webinar: Stop Flying Blind in AppSec with Jim Manico and Dean Agron

Dean Agron
CEO & Co-Founder

Legacy AppSec tools fly blind when it comes to securing modern software. While applications have transformed from monolithic applications to distributed applications, existing AppSec tools haven’t kept up. Conventional SAST, DAST, and SCA are still only looking at the code when assessing vulnerabilities, even though a treasure of other data is available to enable more sophisticated and useful analysis, resulting in better security and more efficient and productive teams.

In this webinar, Jim Manico and Dean Agron discuss the future of application security, where they talk about:
• Convergence of application security and cloud security
• How ‘shift left’ needs to ‘shift everywhere’
• How AppSec teams can make the C-suite more at ease
• How cloud security teams can remove the application layer blind-spot'

Realize The True Promise of Shifting Left

Eliminate uncertainty from the application security process, and save your development and AppSec teams time.