Oxeye Eliminates the Limitations and Frustrations of Using Snyk for AppSec Testing

Eliminate Your AppSec Frustrations. Reduce Noise and Alert Fatigue by 80-95%

Reduce your false positives significantly, get predictable pricing, detect vulnerabilities that Snyk misses, and see results that incorporate both static and dynamic analysis to ensure comprehensive and relevant results that are prioritized by exploitability

How Oxeye Is Different vs. Snyk

A simple 2-minute deployment is all it takes to start getting the functions of SAST, DAST and SCA in a single tool, with information that both AppSec and development teams will find helpful to perform their roles more efficiently.

Unlike Snyk, Oxeye sees what's happening across microservices, gets full context from static and runtime analysis, and dramatically reduces noise by focusing on exploitable vulnerabilities. Our AppSec platform traces the path of vulnerabilities across microservices by combining static and runtime analysis to provide the context that's absent from purely static analysis, producing more meaningful and comprehensive results.

The outcome? Less time wasted triaging and remediating irrelevant findings, the discovery of vulnerabilities that Snyk misses, lower tool and operational costs, and more time for your developers to focus on building product.


Find Out How Oxeye Lowers AppSec Tool and Operational Costs for ex-Snyk Users

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Realize The True Promise of Shifting Left

Eliminate uncertainty from the application security process, and save your development and AppSec teams time.