Oxeye Automatically Prioritizes Your AppSec Risks

Leverage our runtime intelligence to streamline the deployment of your scarce AppSec resources by focusing on the 2-7% of application risks that can actually impact your business

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Dashboard - Focus On Critical Vulnerabilities

Focus on Your Most Critical Application Risks

Oxeye continuously gives you a single, prioritized view of critical application risks based on runtime context, and a deep analysis of your business priorities, application code, open source and third party packages, cloud infrastructure configurations, hardcoded secrets, and license violations.

Forge Harmony Between your Security and Engineering Teams

The visibility that Oxeye provides into your most business-critical AppSec risks ensures that you are allocating your limited resources to only the issues that have a potential impact on your business. Get a unified, prioritized view of application risks, instead of dealing with separate, long lists of vulnerabilities from different scanners.

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Dashboard - Detect ‘Hidden’ Vulnerabilities

See AppSec Risks That Used to Be Invisible

Oxeye's Application Flow Tracing provides contextual insights that identify cross-service vulnerabilities and toxic combinations of application vulnerabilities and infrastructure misconfigurations so you can identify previously undetectable attack paths into your applications, and proactively reduce your application risk

A Mature View of Application Risks

Gain full, contextual visibility into your application risks in minutes, enabling your teams to identify, prioritize, remediate, and limit potential business risks. Go from chasing individual vulnerabilities to AppSec maturity, quickly.

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Augmented Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Scan code both in development and in the testing/staging environment. Find vulnerabilities in your custom code, as well as third party code - something typical SAST tools cannot do.

Enhanced Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Find all vulnerable packages, then filter out those that are not loaded and used at runtime so you can ignore the 80%+ of vulnerable packages that are not critical.

Application Security Posture Management (ASPM)

Continuously analyze signals and data across the entire software development lifecycle to get a customized view of actual application risks in your environment, not theoretical ones.

Code-to-Cloud Visibility

Get visibility of the entire application, from code to cloud. Detect exploitable vulnerabilities, and toxic combinations of vulnerabilities and infrastructure misconfigurations that can elevate application risks.

Dynamic SBOM

Meet your compliance objectives, and build an inventory of all your active software components, everywhere, at any point in the SDLC.

Secrets Detection

Oxeye continuously detects hardcoded API, encryption keys, tokens, passwords, etc. in your applications so you don't inadvertently give away precious secrets.

License Violation Detection

Automatic license scanning to help ensure continuous compliance with legal requirements for your use of open source and third party packages.

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