Stop Wasting Time On Unexploitable Vulnerabilities

Eliminate Your AppSec Frustrations. Reduce Noise by 80-95%

Claim Back Your Time from Security

Eradicate the Issues of Legacy AppSec Tools

Oxeye removes the inefficiencies of traditional application security testing tools to give your engineering teams more time to focus on building products

The Oxeye Application Security Platform:
• Simple 2-minute deployment
• Automated prioritization of vulnerabilities
• See whether vulnerabilities are Internet-accessible
• Examine loaded status of packages
• Developer-friendly remediation information
• SAST, DAST and SCA in one tool

With a 2-minute deployment, Oxeye drastically reduces application security noise by focusing on exploitable vulnerabilities. The results? Less time wasted triaging and remediating irrelevant findings, and more time to focus on building product

Percentage of vulnerabilities reported by legacy tools that actually require immediate attention
60% and up
Reductions in time spent in triage, fix-test-redeploy, retesting, etc. when compared to typical SAST and SCA combo
Reduce Triage and Remediation Time

Reduce Triage and Remediation Time

Oxeye automatically identifies vulnerabilities that can actually be exploited, allowing you to prioritize remediation efforts on the 3-5% of vulnerabilities that really matter.

Real-Time, Automatic Results

Real-Time, Automatic Results

No need to retest your applications after you make updates. Oxeye's AppSec Platform automatically detects changes and updates your test results.

The Debugging Tools You're Used to

The Debugging Tools You're Used to

Vulnerabilities are security bugs, and we give you the information you need to debug them, such as code snippets and stacktrace, because that's what developers use to fix bugs.

Surface Infrastructure Misconfigurations

Surface Infrastructure Misconfigurations

The Oxeye AppSec Platform fetches infrastructure configuration data to detect misconfigurations that could impact vulnerability severity. This improves results, as well as alerts DevOps teams about potential issues.

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