Runtime-Fueled Application Security Posture Management

Automatically filter out unexploitable vulnerabilities and prioritize the rest, based on your unique application environment

Gain Contextual Visibility of Your Application Risks

Oxeye analyzes your code and cloud environment to give you complete visibility and actionable context on your most critical application risks, so your teams can focus on continuously securing the applications that are most critical to your business

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Focus on Critical Vulnerabilities Using Context

Oxeye's ASPM provides code-to-runtime visibility, environmental and business context. to help you automatically identify the application risks you should focus on

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Flexible ASPM Solution

Use your existing scanning tools, or put ours to work for you. Oxeye's ASPM solution adapts to your tool choices, procurement cycles, and workflows

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Regain Time for Your Teams

Free up your AppSec and dev teams to focus on other priorities, instead of allocating them to the task of manual triaging of long lists of vulnerabilities

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