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Our Culture

Inventors. Entrepreneurs. Builders. Learners. Collaborators. If these elements of culture ring true for you, join us and help innovate a new approach to cloud-native app security testing!

Oxeye’s supportive team culture will allow you to:

Set your goals and build your path ‒ we’ll help you get there
An arrow hitting a target
Be honest, transparent, and embrace feedback
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Fail fast ‒ don’t be afraid to make a mistake; we’ll catch you
Illustration of a hand holding a heart
Be eager to learn new things ‒ we’ll learn with you
A lightbulb as a spaceship
Be creative ‒ if a door closes, find a window to break ideas free
A vehicle loaded with ideas, code, and a cogwheel
Always hunt in packs ‒ your team will help
Three wolves

Open Positions

See Open Positions

Realize The True Promise of Shifting Left

Eliminate uncertainty from the application security process, and save your development and AppSec teams time.