Stop Wasting Time On Unexploitable Vulnerabilities

Eliminate Your AppSec Frustrations. Reduce Noise by 80-95%

Your AppSec Costs Should Be a Fraction of What They Are

Eradicate the Issues of Legacy AppSec Tools

Oxeye lowers AppSec tool and operational costs by replacing multiple tools with a single tool that uses observability to achieve better results

The Oxeye Application Security Platform:
• Simple 2-minute deployment
• Automated prioritization of vulnerabilities
• See whether vulnerabilities are Internet-accessible
• Examine loaded status of packages
• Developer-friendly remediation information
• SAST, DAST and SCA in one tool

With a 2-minute deployment, Oxeye drastically reduces application security noise by focusing on exploitable vulnerabilities. The results? Less time wasted triaging and remediating irrelevant findings, and more time to focus on building product

60% and up
Reductions in operational costs associated with Application Security
Savings in tool costs by consolidating multiple, disjointed tools
Improve Your Teams' Efficiency

Improve Your Teams' Efficiency

Oxeye slashes inefficiencies in AppSec by providing deeper visibility into applications at runtime, which enables more accurate results and less false positives and noise

Remove Complexity

Remove Complexity

AppSec teams currently use multiple point solutions to address different stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), resulting in greater complexity. Oxeye works across the entire SDLC to produce a single set of results that are easily actionable

Reduce Your Tool-Related Costs

Reduce Your Tool-Related Costs

Existing AppSec tools are patched together to address different needs, resulting in higher tool costs and total cost of ownership. Oxeye consolidates multiple tools into a single tool, lowering costs significantly

Improve Compliance

Improve Compliance

97% of AppSec teams ignore actual vulnerabilities because they assume it's a false positive. Oxeye's accuracy and visual compliance features combine to ensure higher levels of compliance

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