Speed Up Software Innovation Without Sacrificing Security

Oxeye automates tedious processes that security and development teams used to perform manually. Our Application Security Prioritization Solution filters out 93-98% of the custom code and open-source package vulnerabilities that can never be exploited. Our customers spend less time triaging, and more time building applications.


The Oxeye ASPM aggregates proprietary and commercial SAST, SBOM, and SCA scanners into one platform, collecting data across all SDLC stages and environments. We identify all vulnerabilities, then help AppSec & dev teams to focus only on the exploitable ones by applying the following steps:

Icon - Packages

Find and determine which vulnerable open source and third party packages are loaded and used, and filter out the ones that aren't.

Icon - Filter Vulnerabiblities

Filter vulnerabilities that cannot be accessed from the Internet, whether directly or indirectly.

Icon - Configuration Data

Refine further by adding infrastructure configuration data.

Icon - Active Validation

Perform active validation by fuzzing the exploitable APIs.

"Oxeye’s ability to provide a comprehensive and contextual analysis of application layer risks, combined with its straightforward deployment process, makes it an appealing solution for modern cloud-native teams like ours."
Lee Vincent Turner Photo

Lee Vincent Turner

Senior Technical Manager

"Legacy SAST and IAST solutions are not effective in detecting vulnerabilities in modern cloud native applications. The unique challenges presented by the dynamic and distributed nature of these environments require new security tools and approaches. To effectively protect against the evolving threat landscape, organizations must adopt modern security solutions specifically designed for cloud native applications."
Image of Ory Segal

Ory Segal

CTO Prisma Cloud at Palo Alto Networks

"Oxeye’s platform has been a game-changer for our application security practices here at Inspectiv. Our development team can now innovate at speed while maintaining the highest security standards. The platform’s continuous focus on critical and exploitable risks, along with its seamless integrations, has removed the need for manual assessments and improved our ability to manage application risk. It has become an essential partner for secure and agile development."
Ray Espinoza

Ray Espinoza

CISO, Inspectiv

“One of the unique features of Oxeye, in comparison to other SAST tools, is its ability to provide a curated view of code issues based on the actual code paths executed by our application at runtime. This approach allows for a more targeted and efficient resolution of issues, resulting in better code hygiene.”
Adviser Image - Omer Azaria

Omer Azaria

VP of Research and Development at Sysdig

All That You Expect from a Modern ASPM

Icon - Visibility

Visibility, Visibility, Visibility

Visualize your runtime and get a dynamic SBOM. Detect hard-coded secrets. See the path that vulnerabilities take, from externally-facing API to the specific line of code. Easily see whether your applications are meeting compliance requirements

Icon - Reduce Time

Reduce Time Spent Triaging and Remediating

Only focus remediation efforts on exploitable vulnerabilities in custom code, open source and third party packages. Get remediation guidance, including line of code, stacktrace, and information about the vulnerabilities

Icon - Shared Responsibility

One Platform, One Application Security Posture. One Predictable Price

Get a single reference point for both application security and dev teams, and eliminate issues of complexity and cost from piecing together multiple, disjointed tools. No more trying to guess whether SAST or SCA results are accurate. No more unexpected spikes in cost

See the AppSec Issues that Really Matter

Dashboard - Focus On Critical Vulnerabilities

Focus On Exploitable Vulnerabilities

Oxeye shows you the custom code, open source and third party package vulnerabilities that you should prioritize

Detect Vulnerabilities Other Tools Miss

Oxeye’s vulnerable flow analysis reveals critical vulnerabilities that legacy SAST and SCA simply miss because they travel across microservices

Dashboard - Detect ‘Hidden’ Vulnerabilities
Dashboard - License to Chill

Get The License to Chill

We detect non-compliant licenses used in your open source packages, and categorize them according to risk levels to help you avoid legal issues

Secrets Detection

Oxeye discovers hardcoded secrets such as passwords, API keys, and encryption keys in your applications so you don't inadvertently give away the keys to the kingdom

Dashboard - Keep Your Secret

Fix Vulnerabilities Quickly With Information Your Dev Team Needs

channel.basicConsume(QUEUE_NAME, true, deliverCallback, consumerTag -> {;
System.out.println("[*] Waiting for messages. To exit press CTRL+C");
DeliverCallback deliverCallback = (consumerTag, delivery) -> {;
           String jsonString = new String(delivery.getBody(), StandardCharsets.UTF_8);
           try {
               JSONObject obj = new JSONObject(jsonString);
               PutMessage(conn, obj.getString("title"), obj.getString("description"), obj.getInt("price"));
           } catch (JSONException | SQLException e) {
               System.err.println("[!] Caught an exception handling message - \"" + jsonString + "\"");
private static void PutMessage(java.sql.Connection conn, String title, String description, int price) throws SQLException {
       Statement st = conn.createStatement();
       st.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO public.items (\"title\", \"description\", \"price\") values ('" + title + "', '" + description + "', '" + price + "');");
       System.out.println("[*] Item added: title: \"" + title + \"", Description: \"" + description + "\", Price: " + price);
Image - Vulnerability Flow

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