We Speed Up Software Innovation for ex-Snyk Users

Eliminate Your AppSec Frustrations. Reduce Noise and Alert Fatigue by 80-95%

Companies are switching to Oxeye from Snyk because we automate tedious processes that security and development teams used to perform manually with Snyk. By removing the 90% of custom code and open source package vulnerabilities that can never be exploited, our customers spend less time figuring out what really needs to be remediated, and more time building applications

How Oxeye Is Different from Snyk

Unlike Snyk, Oxeye focuses on exploitable vulnerabilities. With our focus mode, we enable AppSec and development teams to hone in on custom code, and open source and third party package vulnerabilities that can be accessed from the Internet, and that are loaded and used at runtime. In practice, this reduces vulnerability lists by over 90%.

The outcome? Less time wasted triaging and remediating irrelevant findings, lower tool and operational costs, and more time for your developers to focus on building product.

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