Cloud Native Security Testing For a Complete AppSec and DevSecOps practice

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Traditional AST approaches rely on heavyweight, one-time gating inspections, typically performed late in testing, and requiring security professionals to perform them. With modern cloud native applications, security needs to start at the very beginning of the application creation and throughout the DevOps and Development processes, it must be continuous, automated, and improved with each subsequent iteration in the application development life-cycle. Oxeye offers a comprehensive solution for cloud native application security testing. A single pane of glass for risks assessment and remediation.

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Security for development, testing, and production through a single deployment.

Oxeye integrates only once to deliver SAST, DAST and IAST capabilities through the same daemonset. A seamless integration with a single deployment, that doesn’t require any changes in the code. With a single deployment, Oxeye delivers true DevSecOps and AppSec solution designed for cloud native application security testing and risk analysis, enriched with infrastructure layer configuration data. We deliver context-based vulnerability analysis that helps you to clear the noise of false negatives and false positives caused by legacy solutions to make sure your teams are focused on the most critical risks.

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Vulnerability Flow Tracing

Our comprehensive analysis capabilities deliver the entire Vulnerability Flow Tracing. The technology applies intelligent security analysis and prioritization, capable of flagging application-layer vulnerabilities in the most complex cloud native architecture. Container, cluster, or cloud configurations may elevate the severity of microservice’s vulnerabilities. Oxeye matches these by enriching the results with configuration data to accurately assess and prioritize risks. Oxeye highlights what matters most: validated, high-risk code vulnerabilities and guidance for remediation.

Clear remediation guidance for Developers

Oxeye is built for Developers and AppSec teams and helps to shift-left security while accelerating development cycles, reducing friction, and eliminating vulnerabilities.Oxeye empowers developers to handle security vulnerabilities early on prior to production. Our automated solution allows you to handle the most complex cloud native application vulnerabilities and ensure no vulnerable code ever reaches production.

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