Next-Generation Cloud Native Application Security Testing

How do you find vulnerabilities in apps with tens or dozens of microservices across containers, clusters, and clouds?

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Oxeye offers an automated cloud native application security testing solution that helps you to handle code vulnerabilities at the speed of development.

Oxeye tests your applications during the CI/CD process without adding any line of code. We identify code vulnerabilities and highlight the most critical ones, as an integral part of your software development lifecycle. We provide a clear view of risks and severity levels enriched with your environment data - cloud, clusters, and containers.

Getting started with Oxeye is simple and easy, deploy the YAML and get the automated scan going.

Eliminate Noise

Full application life-cycle vulnerability analysis

Oxeye scans your functional code, external libraries, 3rd party code, and cloud infrastructure code through the entire SDLC. Our comprehensive analysis capabilities deliver the entire Vulnerability Flow Tracing overview. Our technology applies intelligent security analysis and prioritization that is capable of flagging application-layer vulnerabilities in the most complex cloud-native applications.

OWASP Top 10
Known threats

Oxeye highlights what matters most: validated, high-risk code vulnerabilities and guidance for remediation.

Full application life-cycle vulnerability analysisOxeye context view
Rich Context

Reliable results with high accuracy

Get the context you need in order to fix vulnerabilities fast. Our technology helps you uncover critical vulnerabilities earlier in your CI/CD pipeline. Teams automatically get maps of application logic and inner communications between code components for comprehensive analysis and visibility. Harness our powerful solution and leverage the rich vulnerability context we provide from each phase of the application flow to better understand the risks you are facing.


Clear remediation guidance for Developers

Oxeye seamlessly integrates into your development tools with a single deployment, and without performing any changes in the code.
We empower developers to handle security vulnerabilities early on, prior to production. With Oxeye developers can fix only real issues and in less time so they can focus on releasing innovative software.

Reproducible payloads
Attack Visualization flow
The exact line of code
Oxeye clear remediation guidelines

Focus on risks that matter

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Seamless, one-line installation

$ kubectl apply -f ./deployment.yaml
Oxeye agentless approach
Agentless approach
Oxeye quick install
1-time install eliminates maintenance
Oxeye automation
Automatically fetches all information required
Oxeye auto discovery
Auto-discovery of changes
Oxeye CICD integration
Fully integrated with CI/CD pipeline
Oxeye quick results
Quick, practical results for AppSec, Dev, and DevOps

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