Episode 1 - Anthony Johnson

How Poverty Helped Power His Incredible Ascent, and How He Gave It All Up for a Dream.
About the Guest

Anthony Johnson

Founder and Managing Partner at Delve Risk

Anthony has over 25 years of cybersecurity experience, and has gone from being a hands-on red team technician, to leading some of the largest cyber programs in the world as a Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Fannie Mae, GE Capital Treasury and Capital One.

Anthony sat down with Brandon Hoe, our VP of Marketing, and spoke candidly about:

  • Growing up as a latchkey kid - the child of a single parent
  • 'Growing up Korean', and how it impacted his life
  • 'Steak tourism' in the cybersecurity industry, and how it originally started
  • An imperfect cheesecake, and the necessity of failure as part of his journey to success and acclaim
  • How a mistake he made resulted in 9,000 machines going into an infinite boot sequence
  • Raising himself up from poverty to being a highly-sought after CISO and security advisor
  • Creating and managing his own cryptocurrency
  • Mentorship and why he's so passionate about it
  • A poem that inspired his life (and a reading of the poem by Anthony)

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