Episode 2 - Andres Andreu

The role of Art and Judo in his Successful Career in Cybersecurity.
About the Guest

Andres Andreu


Andres Andreu is currently Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at 2U, and over his 30 year career, he's also worked as an IT Director, Chief Applications Architect, Chief Security Architect, and CTO, and is the founder of a company that he eventually sold. He is also an author, having written "Professional Pen Testing for Web Applications", and is in the midst of writing his next book, a playbook for CISOs.

During this conversation, he talks about:

  • Being held hostage in the Western Sahara desert as an unwitting pawn in a global insurance scam, staying calm through the ‘unpleasantries’, and how his observant nature helped foil the scam attempt
  • The emotional challenges of working in an NGO that focused on human sex trafficking and counterterrorism, and his exposure to the darkest sides of humankind
  • The role of graffiti and art in his life, his dream of being a professional artist, his philosophies on art, and how the realization about what it would take to succeed as an artist resulted in a massive career change (you can see his art at https://andresandreu.xyz/ )
  • The challenges of writing a book, and the most fulfilling part about being a technical author (hint: it's not the money)
  • Judo’s mischaracterization as being violent, its role in his personal and professional life, and how practicing judo helped him become a better leader

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