Episode 4 - Grace Chi

How 'Finding Joy' Led Her from the Creative Arts to Cybersecurity Startup Co-Founder

About the Guest

Grace Chi

Co-founder and COO, Pulsedive Threat Intelligence

Grace Chi is the co-founder and COO of Pulsedive, a threat intelligence startup. While her initial interests revolved around the creative arts, her path eventually wound its way to cybersecurity.

In this episode, Grace talks about the events, experiences and people that sculpted her journey, and other topics, including:

  • How the goal of finding joy led her on a journey from the creative arts to co-founding a threat intelligence company
  • How being the youngest child enabled her to find success in non-traditional paths
  • Volunteering as a way to making progress in life
  • The future of humans and machines, and whether our digital identities can persist beyond our physical shells
  • Sculpting tiny bagels, art installations and making wedding art for pay
  • The secret to unlocking unique opportunities that you don’t expect, or wouldn’t know how to ask for
  • Tips for people pivoting into security from another profession

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