Episode 6 - Richard Stiennon

Analyst, Author, Starter of 25 Businesses
About the Guest

Richard Stiennon

Research Analyst, Author of Security Yearbook 2023

Richard Stiennon was the second security analyst at Gartner, and the author of seven books, including the bible for analyst relations, "Up and To The Right". Today, he publishes the popular cybersecurity directory and mini history book, The Security Yearbook, and leads IT-Harvest, “The only platform for researching the entire cybersecurity industry".

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How he became Gartner's second ever security analyst
  • When Richard was the CEO of a company bankrolled by Isaiah Thomas
  • Hard lessons about entering a market you don’t already know
  • How it took 17 years to build the tool he wanted to build - IT Harvest
  • The multiple books that he’s written, the impact of “Up And To The Right”, and how it mirrors the story of his life
  • Cleaning his office twice in 15 months while he was the CMO at Fortinet, in preparation to leave
  • The highest high, and the lowest low of his career - and why both happened within 2 weeks of each other
  • Life and career tips from a grizzled veteran of the tech world who's started 25 businesses

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