EPISODE 7 Part 2

Nathali Cano

Bomb Threats, Babysitting, and the Birth of Grace
About the Guest

Nathali Cano

Cybersecurity Engineer and Founder

Nathali Cano is a Security Engineer and the founder of Grace In Action, a non profit dedicated to elevating its constituents through awareness and education and career development programs, connecting them to resources and services that they can benefit from, and providing them with basic needs that they wouldn't have access to otherwise.

In part 2 of our conversation, we talk about:

• Rejecting a life of ease for a life of purpose, and the hardship that accompanied that choice
• The winding road to becoming an executive recruiter at Amazon
• Hacking her way to a job as a security engineer
• The ultimate lesson, derived from a dozen years in search of mindfulness

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